Manjhi – The Mountain Man is biopic film of Dashrath Manjhi who lived in Gehlaur Village in Gaya District. Dashrath Manjhi devoted his life to break a mountain to create a passage for his village. It takes him 22 years to break the mountain with hammer and chisel all alone. People used to call him mad, but he didn’t listen to anyone and keep doing his work. His inspiration was his wife who died because medical services couldn’t reach her on time. The role of Dashrath Manjhi is played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui the rising actor of Bollywood. Dashrath Manjhi’s wife Phaguniya role is played by Radhika Apte. Tigmanshu Dhulia and Gaurav Dwivedi can also be seen in an important role in the film. I have watched this film and going to do a review of Manjhi – The Mountain Man.

Manjhi The Mountain Man Review

Story of Manjhi – The Mountain Man

If you planned to watch this film then you may skip this part. The story can spoil your pleasure in a cinema hall. The film starts with a scene where Dashrath Manjhi lifts his hammer and chisel from his home and his father try to stop him. It has been two years, but there is no effect of your chisel on the mountain, why are you wasting your time? Dashrath doesn’t listen to his father and goes ahead. Then the story goes to the time when Dashrath was a small boy. As per rituals, he gets married in his childhood with child Phaguniya.

Dashrath’s father is the slave to the head of the village, the role played by Tigmanshu Dhulia. He offers Dashrath to become the slave of Mukhia so that Mukhia can recover his money. But Dashrath didn’t agree and ran away from the village. After 7 years, he came back as young Dashrath who meets with Phaguniya in the village market. But Dashrath didn’t recognize that this girl is his wife. Dashrath comes to his village and hugs Mukhia directly. When Mukhia people know, that he is his slave and from low cast then they beat Dashrath. Dashrath’s mother is no more and his father and friends decided to take Dashrath’s wife home.

Manjhi - The Mountain Man Box Office Prediction with Complete Analysis

They go to Phaguniya home, but his father deny and said he will only let Phaguniya go if he will pay 200 Rs. Dashrath started working and collecting rupees. One day Dashrath got to know that Phaguniya’s father is marrying her with another guy. He took his ax and ran away with Phaguniya from their house. They had one baby after some time. Later when Phaguniya was pregnant to gave birth the second child of Dashrath, she got collapsed from the mountain. Dashrath took her to the hospital by climbing the mountain, but it was too late. Phaguniya passed away, but the baby saved. Dashrath couldn’t face this pain and decided to break that mountain. He faces a lot of struggles; still he was high for his mission. To see struggles of Dashrath Manjhi watch the film.


Manjhi – The Mountain Man runs at a slow pace. The story of the film is not well crafted. The feel of struggles and problem Dashrath Manjhi would have faced is less appeared on the screen. The performance of Nawazuddin and Radhika keeps you bounded all over the film. Other actors have also done well. The film also depicts the castism problem of India that time. People were not allowed to touch others. The government passed the law that everyone is equal but still it is a problem of rural India.

Watch this film to feel the Dashrath Manjhi and Phaguniya in Nawazuddin and Radhika.


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