Rohit Shetty’s upcoming action drama film Dilwale is going to release on 18th December 2015. There are Shahrukh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawan, and Kriti Sanon playing important roles in the film. The songs and trailer of the film have created a buzz around already. Here we have collected 10 interesting facts about Dilwale you should know before watching the film. These unknown facts about Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale will make you more positive to watch this film.

10 Interesting Facts about Dilwale you should know

10 Interesting Facts about Dilwale

1. Kajol is playing a Gangster Role in the Film Dilwale

When we heard that Shahrukh and Kajol are in Dilwale then we imagined that Kajol will be visible in a romantic cute character. But now we are surprised to know that Kajol is playing a Gangster role in the Dilwale. Don’t worry there are also some romantic sequences of Kajol and Shahrukh in the film. Just get ready to see a new avatar of Kajol.

2. Music Rights of Dilwale was Sold for Rs 19 Crore Created Record

Dilwale and Team created a record by selling the music rights for Rs 19 Crore. Red Chillies Entertainment has sold the music rights to Sony for Rs 19 Crore. This is the highest price of music rights in Bollywood.

3. Dilwale will Clash with Bajirao Mastani

Dilwale is going to compete with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s much awaited Bajirao Mastani. Earlier, when makers of Bajirao Mastani see the release date of Dilwale they want to postpone the release of their film in early next year. But now both films will release same day on 18th December 2015. There will be a strong fight between the Bajirao and Dilwale at the box office. The benefits of this fight will go to all Fans of Cinema.

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4. Both, Kajol and his Real Life Husband has done a Dilwale

I hope you haven’t forgotten the 1994 Dilwale of Ajay Devgan the real life husband of Kajol. Now, both Ajay Devgan and Kajol have done a Dilwale and become equal. Ajay Devgan has done romance with Raveena Tandon in Dilwale 1994. There were Sunil Shetty and Paresh Rawal in the film too.

5. Dilwale is not a Sequel to DDLJ

When the film announced and Shahrukh and Kajol were casted for Dilwale, people were thinking that Dilwale is a sequel to Dilwale Dulahaniya Le Jayenge. Now, after the release of the trailer it is clear that Dilwale has a fresh story with a new angle. Well, some scene of the film can recall DDLJ but it is not a sequel.

6. There is a Train Sequence in the Film but not like DDLJ

The famous train chasing sequence of DDLJ has been done in many films. Even the last film of Rohit Shetty Chennai Express has such a sequence. It was rumoured that the film has also train chasing sequence like DDLJ, but it is not. The director Rohit Shetty clarifies that they have shot train sequence for Dilwale, but it is not like DDLJ.

7. Shahrukh Rides a Bicycle on the Set of Dilwale

Shahrukh Rides a Bicycle on the Set of Dilwale

Shahrukh’s has a knee injury, director Rohit Shetty gifts him a bicycle to get back SRK’s knee in shape. Shahrukh rides this bicycle on the set of Dilwale.

8. There are More Talented Actors in Dilwale like SRK and Kajol

The next most important fact about Dilwale is there are more talented actors like SRK and Kajol. Don’t think that Dilwale is a film of only Shahrukh and Kajol. You have heard about Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon playing the important roles. There are Vinod Khanna, Boman Irani, Sanjay Mishra, Johnny Lever and Kabir Bedi in Dilwale also.

9. Dilwale is not a Just Romantic Film, It is high in Action and Drama

Action Scenes in Dilwale - Facts about Dilwale

Don’t think that Dilwale is just a romantic film, it is filled with many action sequences. Being a Rohit Shetty (Action Specialist) film, it can’t be just a romantic film. You will find different supercars flying and rattling guns in the film. Dilwale is also rich in comedy and drama with romance. Rohit Shetty is known for making full entertaining films. He brilliantly adds different sequences in his films.

10. Kajol and Shahrukh look younger in Dilwale

The trailer of Dilwale presents two age groups of Kajol and Shahrukh. They look younger in songs and romantic scenes while in the other scenes there is the age on the face of Kajol and Shahrukh. Shahrukh can be seen fighting for the love of his brother role played by Varun Dhawan.

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These are the 10 interesting facts about Dilwale you should know before watching the film. These unknown facts about Dilwale make the film more interesting to watch. It will be fun to watch big stars in Dilwale at the end of 2015.


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